3D Gazebo Models

Examples of 3D models in the dataset


This dataset contains 270+ 3D models to be used in Gazebo simulation for robotic applications. All models are in sdf format and ready to be used in Gazebo. The main purpose of this dataset is for visual robotic tasks such as search, mapping, tracking, etc.


The majority of the 3D mesh files are collected from the 3D Warehouse and are not designed by the author.


If you would like to use our dataset for your research please cite our paper:
A.Rasouli, J.K. Tsotsos. "The Effect of Color Space Selection on Detectability and Discriminability of Colored Objects." arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.05421 (2017).
arXiv preprint PDF (3 MB)


The dataset of objects is divided into 10 categories:

Decoration (25 Mb): picture frames, lamps, clocks, vases, etc.
Earthquake (11.5 Mb): objects to simulate a devastated environment such as broken vases, dishes and debris.
Electronics (15 Mb): models of electronic deviced such as computers, labtops, cameras, etc.
Food (6 Mb): various food items such as soda cans, candy and donuts.
Furniture (73.8 Mb): sofas, tables, desks, chairs, etc.
Kitchen (4.9 Mb): cups, dishes and bottles.
Miscellaneous (165.6 Mb): human figures, floor, plants, trash cans, etc.
Shapes (5.2 Kb): 3 primitive shapes (cylinder, cube and sphere) each with 12 different colors.
Stationery (16.8 Mb): pens, books and files are included in this category.
Tools (2 Mb): toolbox, hammer and construction cone.
Worlds (121.8 Kb): 7 sample environments, such as workshop and office, built using the models in the dataset.

All models are created and tested in Gazebo version 7.


Majority of the objects are static and do not contain parameters such as inertia, surface friction or accurate collision.